Things to Know About Nutritional and Herbal Supplements for Dogs and Cats

Especially as a canine or feline companion gets older, the owner may wonder whether adding nutritional supplements to the diet might enhance their quality of life. As with humans, including certain types of high-quality supplements in the daily regimen can help pets feel better by improving energy, supporting immune system function and expanding mobility. Anyone who is interested in high-quality supplements for pets might check out a site like and read the comments from buyers.

A canine product line such as the one reviewed at that site features a general supplement for all-around benefits as well as one specifically to promote healthy joints. The joint supplement helps promote lubrication within the joints and to rebuild cartilage, both of which improve flexibility and comfort. Pet owners also can buy shampoos of various types to achieve the desired positive results with a pet’s coat and skin.

The canine joint supplement includes ingredients that research has shown to be helpful for this purpose: glucosamine and chondroitin. Humans also take products containing these ingredients for similar benefits. Many over-the-counter pet care products include these ingredients, but not all are classified as human-grade supplements the way the Nuvet line is. That indicates a certain level of quality and safety.

Another component has the unwieldy chemical name of methylsulfonylmethane, but it’s commonly called MSM. Although the name may seem off-putting, it’s actually an organic compound that is another component in a variety of supplements intended for human use.

An all-around nutritional and herbal supplement may contain vitamins, minerals and natural substances such as alfalfa and evening primrose oil. The contents depend on whether the animal to receive the product is a dog or cat.

Even people aren’t always thrilled about swallowing vitamin pills or capsules, so how do they get their dogs and cats to take these products? There’s good news: the items come in other forms that the pets are willing to consume. Tasty wafers and powder are the most common forms. Now there’s no battle with the pet every day trying to force a pill down its throat. Humans and their animal companions are happier this way.